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The Governance Evaluator Insights webinars 

Our webinars are designed to continually raise awareness about all things Governance. These extraordinary conversations encompass learning’s and tips from our amazing governance crowd along with incredible insights from their governance data. We passionately believe that this is the best way to grow our shared governance capabilities and strategies for continually doing things better and ultimately creating safe and happy communities.

Importance of Organisation Wide Governance

To help kick off the 2021 Governance Evaluator webinar series our Founder & CEO Fi Mercer will be discussing the importance of good governance at all levels of your organisation, and the key risks of not taking this holistic approach, with Leading Age Services Australia’s Brendan Moore.

Governance Data Insights 2020

Join us as our CEO and founder, Fi Mercer, reveals the top risks identified in our Governance Data Insights 2020 whitepaper report. Fi will discuss these risks and other governance insights with a panel of our expert governance partners.

Remaining Resilient

Join the Governance Institute of Australia’s Leanne Ryan as she discusses with Governance Evaluator’s Fi Mercer how to remain resilient during these hectic times. Based on her experience at the Governance Institute of Australia, Leanne will also discuss with Fi tips and insights from governance to management on ways to remain resilient.

Governing for Resilience

Join our discussion between CEO of Royal Freemasons and Board member of LASA Kerri Rivett and Governance Evaluator’s Fi Mercer as they discuss Governing for Resilience. An important topic at any time but especially during what has to be one of the most turbulent times in recent history

The importance of data led governance – The 3-year effect

Join Fi Mercer, Alex Aeschlimann (Chair, Gippsland Southern Health Service), Maryanne Puli Vogels (Chair, Timboon and District Healthcare Service) & Ben Maw (CEO, Cohuna District Hospital) as they discuss how they have been leading a culture of continuous governance review and development. Listen as they discuss their experience of using governance evaluation data for decisions about what to focus on, that has helped improve their identified risks. Our panellists can speak to the magic that starts to occur after doing so for three years.

Demystifying data driven decisions – June 2020

Join Fi Mercer, Dr Tegan Smith (CEO, OPAL Rheumatology), Adrian Wagner (IT Operations Manager, Governance Evaluator) & Ashley Blackburn (Data Analyst, Governance Evaluator) as they discuss why is data the crucial “other piece” for peace of mind, achieving the balance between intuitive and factual decision making and getting the right data.

The Importance of Evaluation – May 2020

How to use evaluation to assure Board excellence

Join Fi Mercer & Brendan Moore (General Manager, Member Services, Leading Age Services Australia) as they discuss how to use evaluation to assure Board excellence.

No longer a question of whether to evaluate, but how will you evaluate – Fi & Brendan explore the many elements required for a strong and engaging governance evaluation process for your whole Board and individual Directors.

The Importance of Induction – April 2020

Driving a culture of contribution 

Join Fi Mercer & Jo-Anne Moorfoot (Executive Director, Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance) as they discuss how to using induction to drive a culture of contribution.

An effective induction program sets directors up for success – Fi & Jo-Anne explore the many elements required to support new directors to feel engaged and confident to contribute faster to minimise your governance risk.s.

Effective stakeholder engagement in Aged care – March 2020

Join Fi Mercer & Tracey Cain (CEO of Australian Public Affairs) as they discuss the risks being identified by Australian boards, in particular the challenges of effective stakeholder engagement in the aged care environment and explore practical solutions for building capabilities, relationships and reputation in this area.

Governance Evaluator Insights Podcast

Our webinars are also available on our podcast.