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Governance Evaluator’s Sub-Committees Review will give you confidence that your sub-committees are enacting their role for supporting good governance.

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Effective efficient board and council sub-committees are essential for supporting governing bodies to perform their governance responsibilities with confidence. Achieving this requires the right terms of reference for roles and responsibilities which are clearly understood, leadership, membership, reporting structure to the board or council and quality culture. As per all other areas of the organisation and the governing body – sub-committees should also be reviewed annually for continued quality improvement. 

A Sub-Committees Review allows members of the sub-committees and the board or council to see how the committees are functioning and if they are fulfilling their role for supporting the governing body to achieve their governance roles and responsibilities for strategy, oversight of risk, legislative compliance and engagement responsibilities.

Our Sub-Committees Review looks at 4 key areas in order to establish an understanding of the sub-committee’s contribution to the governance roles and responsibilities:

  1. Roles and responsibilities of the committee
  2. Leadership and membership of the committee – with a focus on skills and experience
  3. Functioning and outcomes of committee meetings – with particular attention to culture and behaviour
  4. Reporting structure and content to the board or council

It is strongly recommended that the Sub–Committees Review be done in partnership with the Board Governance and Director Development Programs as these two diagnostics will give insight for the leadership skills and experience of the sub-committee chairs and directors, along with insight into all the directors’ views of the effectiveness of the sub-committees for supporting the governing body. It will also ensure that the actions following the review are recorded and acted upon within the governing body’s group action plan for building governance capabilities.  Of equal importance will be to add any specific development requirements for either the chairs of the sub-committees or attending directors into their individual development plans.

Desktop Review

Review of the present sub-committee structure effectiveness, inclusive of:  

  • Numbers of committees
  • Current Terms of Reference – does this align with strategy and legislative requirements
  • Skills and experience of the chair, directors, staff and external directors
  • Reports that are submitted from each sub-committee through the board or council papers

Observation and Confidential Interviews

Through observation of sub-committee meetings and confidential interviews, we gain insight into the functioning and culture of the committee.

Recommendations Report

Inclusive of a summary of insights and findings with key recommendations designed to be discussed by the board, led either by the chair or a convener, for prioritisation of actions.

Board Planning Session

An engaging discussion with the board or council and executive, led by the chair or an external convener, designed for prioritising future actions and committee structure and Terms of Reference.

Terms of Reference and Action Plan

Revised sub-committee structure and Terms of Reference as well as individual director and group action plans for enhancing roles of the sub-committees, chairs and attending directors.

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