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Through a highly confidential process, our Peer Review solution helps you to better understand the individual capabilities of your governing body and inform individual development plans.

The most straightforward & intelligent way to improve your governance culture

It is incumbent upon whole boards as well as individual directors to understand their group and individual governance strengths and opportunities for growth.  Accordingly, they are required to have discussion and set actions and resources for addressing them.

It is very important for high functioning teams and their individual members to have a culture for being able to take and give constructive feedback.

A Peer Review allows directors to give their own assessment of their fellow directors for the key areas of their governance roles and responsibilities. The results being fed back confidentially, in a constructive way, assist the directors to self-reflect and to acknowledge their strengths and opportunities for growth. Of equal importance is for directors to create relevant actions for their own personal and professional development and engage in regular conversations with their chair, fellow directors and others as to their development and growth.

Our Peer Review looks at 4 key areas in order to establish an understanding of the individual’s contribution to the board’s culture:









The results of the Peer Review allow directors to build a development plan tailored for their individual needs. It can also help to inform whole of board development plans.

We strongly recommend that the Peer Review be done in conjunction with the Director Development Program in order to better inform individual and group action plans by combining the results of the Peer Review with the Development and Skills Matrix questionnaire. Registration to the Director Development Program also provides you with access to the Governance Evaluator platform, allowing you to build interactive action plans linked to capability building resources and use reports to measure progress on actions at regular intervals.


Developed in partnership with the chair, assess individual contribution to the board’s culture.

Confidential Reports

De-identified reports developed for individual directors, identified report for the chair, highlight strengths and opportunities for growth.

Confidential Interviews

Gain a better understanding of the results and to establish individual development plans. This can be led by the Chair or by one of our expert governance consultants.

Individual Director Development Plans

Create individual development plans to be monitored by the director and the chair at regular intervals.

Solutions to meet all your governance needs

Design your governance program to meet your specific needs.

Board Governance Program

Improve the collective capabilities of your board.

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Director Development Program

Assess  individual members to ensure you have the right mix of governance and sector-specific skills to govern effectively.

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Independent Convening

Add rigour to your governance program with an expert governance consultant.

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Sub-Committees Reviews

Analyse the performance of your sub-committees and find out if they are supporting good decision making.

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Build sector-specific governance capabilities

Governance Evaluator provides a range of governance performance building solutions, specialising in a range of sectors to specifically support the roles and responsibilities of governing bodies within those sectors to effectively govern their organisation.

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