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Add rigour to your governance program through our expert sector and governance consultants

Let our expert governance consultants add independence to your annual governance program and receive the benefits of their facilitation and sector-specific governance expertise.

The most straightforward & intelligent way to improve your governance performance

Independent convening is highly recommended and often mandated in some sectors for the additional rigour and element of independence it adds to the annual evaluation process. All of Governance Evaluator’s conveners are experienced facilitators, governance experts and specialise in specific sectors to bring knowledge and insight relevant to governing within the sector.
We have a range of Independent Convening Solutions to enable you to customise your Governance or Director Development programs to meet your specific needs.


Insights Convening

Gain a more in-depth understanding of your evaluation and get expert recommendations on how to improve your governance performance.

Actions Convening

A governance and sector expert will analyse your results and help you to put the right actions in place for improving your governance performance.

Full Independent Convening

This is our most comprehensive solution and is highly recommended for all boards every 3 years. This solution leads you through your full governance program and provides insight and expertise at every step of the way.

Tracey Cain  |  Chief Executive Officer

Lead Independent Convener

Our Experts in Education

Governance Evaluator and Australian Public Affairs (APA) partner to build strong governance in the education sector.

Utilising Governance Evaluator’s proven online solutions for building governance capabilities, APA adds significant insight and rigour through the team’s extensive experience in the education sector and around governance challenges.

APA is led by CEO Tracey Cain who is a specialist in reputation risk and strategy, with a focus on the education sector as an advisor to Boards, Councils, Principals, Executive Teams, Associations and Governments.

Tracey is a member of the Knox Grammar School Council, a Director of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW, and a Director of ISCA.

Find out more about Australian Public Affairs: https://www.apa.net.au/

Jo-Anne Moorfoot  |  Executive Director

Lead Independent Convener

Our Experts in Health

Governance Evaluator and The Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance (ACHG) partner to build strong governance in the health sector.  Our partnership combines the proven approach of Governance Evaluator’s online solutions with the health sector and the extensive governance consulting expertise of the ACHG to provide Victorian Healthcare Association (VHA) members with a comprehensive approach to board and director review and ongoing governance training and support services.

The partnership builds capacity for both Governance Evaluator and ACHG to ensure all VHA members have access to a consistent and proven range of solutions for improving their governance performance and ultimately driving quality outcomes for their consumers.

ACHG is led by Executive Director Jo-Anne Moorfoot who has extensive experience in the health sector and Director of West Gippsland Healthcare Group and Best Chance Child and Family Services. The ACHG approach and experience is unique, combining a working and ‘systems’ knowledge of governance and strategy in the Victorian health system to apply a practical methodology to work with organisations to diagnose systems issues, and facilitate solutions to develop governance system improvements.

Together Governance Evaluator and the ACHG expertly support boards and directors on their journey of continuous improvement; building a shared, consistent understanding of good governance and empowering leaders to improve organisational efficiency, productivity, service quality and culture.

Find out more about the ACHG: https://www.healthcaregovernance.org.au/

Solutions to meet all your governance needs

Design your governance program to meet your specific needs.

Board Governance Program

Improve the collective capabilities of your board.

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Director Development Program

Assess  individual members to ensure you have the right mix of governance and sector-specific skills to govern effectively.

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Peer Reviews

Build a 360-degree view of your board and develop informed personal development plans.

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Sub-Committees Reviews

Analyse the performance of your sub-committees and find out if they are supporting good decision making.

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Build sector-specific governance capabilities

Governance Evaluator provides a range of governance performance building solutions, specialising in a range of sectors to specifically support the roles and responsibilities of governing bodies within those sectors to effectively govern their organisation.

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