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Build the individual capabilities of directors whilst providing insight into the collective skills of your board

The Director Development Program supports both new and experienced director development, and aids succession planning and induction for enhanced director onboarding.

The most straightforward & intelligent way to improve your director performance

It is critical that a board not only understands its roles & responsibilities for governance, it must be assured it is comprised of directors who collectively have the skills, knowledge and experience to effectively understand the business they are governing.

The Development & Skills Matrix questionnaire assesses both individual directors and the whole board for governance and sector-specific skills. This is essential for informing individual director and board development plans, new director induction plans, effective succession planning and director recruitment.

The questionnaire is structured into the following modules:

Professional Director Skills
Sector Specific Skills





Governance Development

We highly recommend that boards incorporate this product into their annual program to ensure they are achieving a consistent and high-quality level of the necessary skills, experience, and behaviours across all directors. It empowers boards to build their capabilities collectively and as individual directors.

We also highly recommend boards use this program for inducting new directors prior to commencing their role.  Having a designated induction plan, based on their own skills and experience, organisational and sector wide requirements, supports directors to more confidently contribute to their governing role in a timelier manner than through traditional induction programs. This is due to the following benefits:

  • The induction program is entirely tailored to the directors identified skills and experience rather than a one size fits all program.
  • The director is connected to the right buddy or coach/mentor on or outside the board who has the appropriate skills and experience to provide meaningful support and advice.
  • The new directors feel more confident to immediately start contributing to board discussions and activities (such as board sub-committee roles) as a consequence of knowing their strengths and having clear plans for addressing their gaps.
  • Chairs feel more confident and assured through having one governance system, with supports and resources, that covers whole board and individual director development and induction.
  • Induction remains front and centre in the boards mind as a result of a clear process for check ins and regular reports to Chair and whole board of induction status.
  • New directors are onboarded in a timelier fashion increasing their contribution and satisfaction for their governing roles.

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Build sector-specific governance capabilities

Governance Evaluator provides a range of governance performance building solutions, specialising in a range of sectors to specifically support the roles and responsibilities of governing bodies within those sectors to effectively govern their organisation.

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