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As a member of a Waste & Resource Recovery board, you can perform your governance responsibilities with confidence

With a range of solutions focused on the governance issues facing Waste & Resource Recovery boards, Governance Evaluator helps you build your capabilities to deliver consistent, quality service outcomes for communities.

Governance Evaluator understands the specific governance issues facing the Waste and Resource Recovery sector.

Developed and tested in consultation with a Waste and Resource Recovery think tank, the Governance Evaluator Waste and Resource Recovery solutions address the six priorities set by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change for Suburban Development, to be delivered in collaboration with agencies such as DELWP, Sustainability Victoria, EPA, Local Councils, Industry and the community.

Partnering with Governance Evaluator, Waste and Resource Recovery boards can assess their governance performance and identify areas for improvement in relation to good governance standards as well as those priority areas specific to the sector:

Assess Water and Resource Needs
Waste and Resource Recovery
Implementation Plan
Local Government Program
Regionally specific designed programs
Reporting Rigour
Advisory Role

The most straightforward & intelligent way to improve governance in the Waste & Resource Recovery sector

Governance Evaluation combines intelligent technology solutions with expert governance consultants to aid in building your governance capabilities. We work with you to combine the complementary solutions, designing a governance program that meets the needs of your board or council.

Board Governance Program

Our Board Governance Program is designed to improve the collective capabilities of your board. Founded on evaluation, the principles of good governance and the responsibilities of governing bodies within the environment in which they are operating, you can design your program to meet the specific needs of your board.

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“We’ve evaluated for the last 4 years, it’s a foundational part of our annual board calendar for supporting a strong culture for quality and safety.” – Bronwyn Pike

Director Development Program

Our Director Development Program helps you to build the individual capabilities of your directors whilst providing insight into the collective skills of your board. The program supports both new and experienced director development, and aids succession planning and induction for the enhanced director onboarding.

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Peer Review

Our Peer Review solution helps you to better understand the individual capabilities of your governing body through a highly confidential process that seeks to inform individual development plans.

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Sub-Committees Review

Our Sub-Committees Review solution provides an indepth analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of your sub-committees and looks to identify any gaps in your sub-committees role for informing good decision making by the governing body.

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Independent Convening

Our Independent Convening solutions add rigour to your program through their facilitation skills, extensive knowledge of best practice evaluation processes, and their governance and sector expertise.

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Get a shared and consistent understanding of good governance and deliver positive outcomes for your community.

With the right insights & support you can make informed decisions on how to enact your governance responsibilities


Tailored Program

Founded on evaluation, the principles of good governance and the responsiblities of governing bodies within the environment in which they are operating, you can design your program to meet the specific needs of your board.

Individual & Collective Programs

Governance Evaluator has solutions for improving the collective performance of governing bodies, their sub-committees, as well as the development of individuals.

Sector Specific Programs

Governance Evaluator provides a range of governance performance building solutions, specialising in a range of sectors to specifically support the roles and responsibilities of governing bodies within those sectors to effectively govern their organisation.

Board Evaluations

Director Evaluations


Re-evaluation Rate

In the last 6 years, as at 30 September 2020

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