Sector expert engagement drives strong clinical governance

Sector expert engagement drives strong clinical governance

Governance Evaluator has established itself as a highly effective platform for strong governance in the health sector. This is enabled by our ongoing engagement with key sector partners and experts who bring the latest industry and health consumer knowledge from a global, Australia‑wide and invaluable local hands on perspective. This has most recently been through our Clinical Governance Think Tank.

We are especially grateful to the VHA as their partnership has enabled us to work with some exceptional health sector experts from across Australia and locally to develop the new Governance Evaluator clinical governance module. We are also indebted to the members of, and contributors to, the Clinical Governance Think Tank who have given their valuable time, expertise, experience and advice.

This engagement has ensured the new clinical governance module complies with Australian and state clinical governance frameworks. It has also ensured a keen focus on the real areas where boards need to build their capabilities to authentically and dynamically govern clinical care quality and safety in their services. Many Think Tank members have fed back that these sessions have involved some of the best conversations they have had on this topic, how their understanding has grown, and have requested that we keep the Think Tanks going.

These partnerships help to ensure all aspects of the platform are grounded in what we know health boards require to deliver strong governance.

We know from our 2016 health sector benchmark report and the 2016 Duckett Report, Targeting Zero, that governing clinical care is a key area for health boards to build capability. We have responded with an enhanced clinical governance module, to be launched in March 2017 as part of the new Health Governance Evaluator platform.

Dr Grant Phelps has been engaged to compile the content for the enhanced Governing Clinical Care module. The module will deliver critical governance resources across nine key areas:

  • Leading on safety and quality
  • Culture for safety and quality
  • Really partnering with our consumers
  • Quality and safety plan
  • Safety and quality systems
  • Making a judgement on safety & quality of care
  • Harm caused by care
  • Clinical risk
  • Staff work safe in delivering care.

We also have a team of specialist clinical governance convenors, who can support you through your evaluation.

Our skills matrix will then highlight the individual and collective governance gaps in which you will need to build capability. The result: strong, effective health governance.

Health Governance Evaluator features include:

Thank you so much to our Clinical Governance Think Tank members & contributors

Think Tank members/contributors

  • Dr Marie Bismark: Ass/Prof Melb University, Researcher, Director GMHBA
  • Michael Gordon: Partner Russell Kennedy; Board Member, Ambulance Victoria, Member, Order of Australia, Chair, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, Board Member, Melbourne Health (Royal Melbourne), Board member, Melbourne Primary Care Network Board (PHN), Board member, The Australian College for Emergency Medicine, Chair, Ministerial Patient Safety Advisory Committee
  • Maree Cuddihy: CEO Kyneton, Co-producer Duckett Review
  • Carrie Marr: CEO, Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) NSW
  • Ass/Prof Amanda Walker: Senior Clinical Advisor: Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
  • John Maher: Chair South West Health Care (SWHC),
  • Jill Linklater: Director Eastern Health (Past Director Nursing Barwon Health)
  • Sophie Boffa: Principal Policy Officer, Consumer Partnerships and Quality Standards, Quality and Safety Branch, Health Service Performance and Programs Division, DHHS, Safer Victoria
  • Liat Watson: Health Issues Centre, Consumer Representative
  • Nigel Fidgeon: CEO Merri Community Health, Director Victorian Eye and Ear, Director AHHA
  • Nick Bush: CEO, East Grampians Health Service
  • Matt Wood: Chair, East Grampians health Service
  • Tom Symondson: CEO, VHA
  • Katie Phillis: Dep CEO/Policy Manager, VHA
  • Chris Templin, Senior Policy Adviser
  • Dr Grant Phelps: Healthcare Consultant and Ass/Prof Clinical Leadership @ Deakin University, President of the Adult Medicine Division, Royal Australasian College of Physicians.
  • Dr Gabby Fennessy: Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA)– will be attending think tank
  • Dr Marcus Kennedy: Ambulance Victoria, Kyneton Director, Ministerial Appointed Director Mansfield