Governing clinical care

Governing clinical care

Capable boards are built on education, evaluation and setting actions for what matters. Now is a great time to start thinking about your evaluation; one that will give you a clear action plan to build your capabilities where they are needed and deliver strong governance for your organisation.

Strong governance for health services ensures consistent, safe and quality service outcomes for communities. It also drives the most effective and efficient use of customer funds; enables health service boards to meet their governance requirements, and; most importantly, it supports them to continually improve to be the best they can.

Build your board’s clinical governance capability

We know from our 2016 health sector benchmark report and the 2016 Duckett Report, Targeting Zero, that governing clinical care is a key area for health boards to build capability in. We have responded with an enhanced clinical governance module as part of the new Health Governance Evaluator platform.

In partnership with VHA and ACHG, our new Clinical Governance Module has been credibly written by Dr Grant Phelps. It aligns with the new Victorian and Australia‑wide Clinical Governance Framework. It has been trialled and tested over the last 6 months by a Think Tank group of clinical and industry experts.


Clinical governance is just one of the 9 key areas of good governance we focus on

Our platform provides an engaging process that is easy to use and easy to manage, with dashboards that clearly show the status of activity across:

  • Strategic direction
  • Risk and compliance
  • Finance
  • Clinical governance
  • Governance relations
  • Board composition
  • Board processes
  • Key stakeholder engagement
  • Continuous review and development.


Build governance capability through a proven process

Governance Evaluator has been specifically designed to support chairs and directors to build strong governance capability through a proven process of:

  • Orientation of new directors
  • Evaluation of individual and collective governance capability
  • Identification of governance capability gaps
  • Development of individual and collective action plans to address those gaps
  • Resources and support to build capability.

Governance Evaluator is a very flexible platform

As the chair, you can use it to lead your board through the process, fully supported by our governance expert customer service. Or, you can use one of our accredited independent convenors – experts in the health sector – to lead your board though the process.

We understand the key focus for governing clinical care for health services and the need for our boards to build their knowledge and capabilities in this area. Our accredited convenors for the health sector have strong clinical governance skills and experience. This enables them to support boards and their organisations to build their capabilities for clinical governance.