Improving Health Board Governance

Metro, Rural, Regional and Community Health Services

Governance Evaluator is well established as a highly effective solution for strong governance in the health sector. This is enabled by our ongoing engagement with key sector partners and experts who bring the latest industry and health consumer knowledge from a global, Australia‑wide and invaluable local hands-on perspective.

Our partnership with VHA and ACHG has enabled us to work with exceptional health sector experts from across Australia and locally to inform the Governance Evaluator health specific solutions. The Clinical Governance Think Tank also contributed for expertise, experience and advice to ensure the clinical governance content complies with Australian and state clinical governance frameworks. It has also ensured a keen focus on the real areas where health boards need to build their capabilities to authentically and dynamically govern clinical care quality and safety in their services.

Primary Health Networks

Developed in partnership with AHHA, our Primary Health Network (PHN) solutions reflect the unique role of PHNs as commissioning agents and recognise the high functioning nature of their boards.

Our PHN Conveners have extensive experience within the PHN industry, so are well placed to bring extra rigour to the process and ensure the best outcomes for each PHN.

Our partnerships with leading organisations help to ensure all aspects of the Governance Evaluator are grounded in what we know health boards require to deliver strong governance.

Our partnerships:



“After using the Governance Evaluator for our board evaluation and capability building over the last 3 years, the board has gained better insight into their governance roles and responsibilities.

We have:
• Moved as a group of individual professionals to be a very strategic and governance focused board
• Found that new directors are orientated and more strategic
• Streamlined and made more efficient our board meetings, processes and committees.”

John Maher, Chair, South West Healthcare



The Governance Evaluator content is based on good governance principles as outlined in the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (ASX 2007). The methodology is consistent with guidelines in the Australian Institute of Company Directors: Evaluating Board Performance: A guide for company directors (AICD 2006, 2011).

The content is compliant with the Health Act, the new Australia wide Clinical Governance Framework (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care), the new Victorian Clinical Governance Framework (Department of Health and Human Services and Safer Care Victoria), ASIC, Corporations Act (2001), and the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC).   The financial content has been informed by Davidsons Accountants (Melbourne, Geelong) and board composition content is informed by Harwood Andrews Lawyers (Melbourne, Geelong).

Governance Evaluator data is securely and confidentially stored by Amazon, Sydney.  As per our Terms of Conditions, Governance Evaluator will ensure that any personal information comprised in any Data is treated in accordance with the National Privacy Principles prescribed by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including ensuring that such personal information is kept safe and secure.

Our platform Our Company has significant partnerships for expert advice, content and sector relevant distribution.  Our goal is for eminent and contemporary content in the Governance Evaluator’s generic and sector specific questions, and governance and resource manuals through a continuous quality cycle for feedback with our valued partners and end users.