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How Governance Evaluator can Improve Your Governance Performance

Governance Evaluation

Through a sector specific questionnaire, Governance Evaluator provides an innovative and straightforward assessment of the skills and capabilities of any form of governing body.

Development & Skills Matrix

Assessing both corporate and sector specific skills, Governance Evaluator’s powerful system provides accurate insights in an engaging and practical manner.


Peer reviews are an optional but highly-demanded method for further uncovering and developing an individual’s governance capabilities and contribution.

Sub-Committees Review

Effective sub-committees lead to effective governing bodies and are instrumental to informed decision making and strategic planning.

Independent Convening

Governance Evaluator provides industry-leading support and expertise through tailored, independent convening services.

Why Choose Governance Evaluator

Governance Evaluator partners with organisations to improve their governance performance. Founded on evaluation, Governance Evaluator supports continuous improvement through a proven annual process which seeks to advance the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of governing bodies, provide insight into strengths and areas for development, and define actions for growth.

Governance Evaluator has solutions for improving the collective performance of governing bodies, their sub-committees, as well as the development of individuals.

Our sector-specific solutions focus on the areas where governing bodies need to build their capabilities to responsibly and effectively govern their organisation within the landscape in which they operate.

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